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Really Cheap Christmas Present Ideas

Sunday, November 29th, 2009

Okay, so you want to give Christmas presents to all your loved ones but you don’t have any money (or hardly any money).

How about some REALLY cheap Christmas present ideas?

First of all, you can make some presents yourself. If you sign up for the updates, you will get a FREE ebook that will give you TONS of recipes for edible gifts that you can put in a jar and give to your loved ones. Some of them cost pennies!

How to get it? Just wait for the sign-up for m to appear and sign up. And you’ll get the link in your email inbox. Plus more christmas gift tips as well.

My next idea is a bit tacky — and it won’t work for family members, but it can work GREAT for gift exchanges or relatives who don’t live with you:

Go shopping on our book shelves. I mean it. Check out all the things you bought over the last year, from books to DVDs or CDs and other such stuff that looks good as new. Wrap it nicely, and voila! A gift that didn’t cost you a penny (more than you already paid).

Even better…

Get together with some friends and exchange those gifts so you’ll be able to broaden your selection — and give such gifts to members of your family too. After all, they haven’t seen THOSE on your shelves all year.


If you want to generate some quick holiday cash, you can sell some of that stuff on Ebay or Marketplace.

Here’s a FREE ebook that tells you a bit about how to do that:

Ebay vs. Marketplace

OR if you’re ready to shop — get that FREE ebook above and check out the special offer that appears on the Thank You page.

If you prefer to pay more, you can of course get it here directly:

How to Sell Your Stuff on Marketplace

So whether you end up giving jars with edible gifts or books from your book shelves — or gifts bought with money made for books from your book shelves — these are my REALLY cheap Christmas Present Ideas. Hope you find something useful here 😉

Happy Ho Ho Holidays!

Your Thrifty Santa

P.S.: BTW, you CAN also give away that FREE ebook on vs. Ebay (see above). Now there’s a REALLY Cheap Christmas Gift!

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