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Holiday Stress Management Tips — FREE

Sunday, December 6th, 2009

Are you still stressed with getting ready for the holidays — or anything else?

I just created a special holiday edition of my Free Stress Tips Report — keeping all the good stuff but adding MORE to help you make it through the Season and have a good time too.

You can get it here:

Holiday Stress Tips Report

I hope you’ll enjoy my tips.

And to help you with last minute shopping, I’ve also just set up a new Squidoo lens with last minute gift ideas (not just the ones on this blog. You can find it here:

Last Minute Gift Ideas

And while you’re there, why not check my Squid edition of my Christmas Gift Ideas…

Christmas Present Ideas

Meanwhile, I hope you’re having a great holiday season.

Santa (aka Elisabeth)

Reduce Christmas Stress! Find New Easy Holiday Traditions!

Monday, November 30th, 2009

Are you “ready” for the Holidays? Or are you getting burned out on Holiday preparations already?

If you’re like a lot of us, all the extra tasks we are expected to keep up — all the while “enjoying” the Christmas spirit can be wayyyy too much.

But it doesn’t have to be…

I just had an article published at where I make a few suggestions for reducing holiday stress.

And here are the promised links (promised in the resource box of the article):

1) Free Stress Tips Report.

2) Family Holiday Traditions

And if you want my FREE edible gifts ebook, just fill in the form at the top right of this page and you’ll get it by email! In fact, it comes with a special offer for the Family Holiday Traditions ebook, so you may want to start there…

And my stress relief ebook can help you stay calm as well… And it too comes with a total bargain of an offer for my full-sized ebook with LOTS more stress relief strategies, some of them VERY powerful.


About the Stollen… The best of them are made with butter, rum, and marzipan (and raisins etc.), and they’re a German Christmas specialty — that is traditionally store bought! Yay!

It’s been my favorite holiday potluck dinner bring-along for years — and always well-received.

If you want to be totally decadent, you can even add a little buttter, but well, that’s up to you 😉 Just make sure it’s some of that really classy Euro-style butter — and unsalted — for best effects. But that’s probably too rich for most people — and really not necessary.

Anyway, Happy Holidays, and please check back soon for more Christmas Present Ideas (and, obvously, those stollen make great Christmas presents too!) and will help reduce the overall stress because they save you time and energy, and are guaranteed to please.

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