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Last Minute Gift Ideas for Growing Your Business

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

Last minute gifts for growing your business?

First of all, if you’re procrastinating, you should check out the gift idea in the P.S.

Otherwise read on because I’ve got a few cool recommendations… and all of them can be gotten instantly!

1) One of my favorite “gurus” has a special sale. And yes, I’ll earn a commission if you buy any of hhis products, but I also own 4 of the 7 options myself, and I have to tell you, they are worth WAY more than what I paid for, and I paid a lot more for them than you would have to if you get them right now, while they’re available at a big discount.

Christmas Special Offer for Marketing Success

2) If you prefer, you can check out this cool video to find out the same “guru’s” 3-step process for to build a list:

FREE How to Promote Video

3) My other favorite marketer friend Jason (and I own almost everything he ever created — he’s that good!) has another free (and very cool) video for you — check it out here:

Jason’s FREE video

4) And last but not least… My blogging course makes a pretty cool gift…

Get it here at a discount (which I have decided to keep for a little while longer, as a special Christmas gift to you:

My Blogging Course Special

Your gift recipient will be able to get started right away, and then will be able to join in with my next live class that I’ll start in January 2010!

Happy Holidays!

P.S.: And stay tuned for a couple of ridiculously easy truffle recipes that I’ll be posting here soon.

P.S.: If you or someone you need a gift for is challenged by procrastination, why not get the best course I’ve ever come across…

Time Mastery Course

Last Minute Gift Ideas

Saturday, December 12th, 2009

There’s still time… but some people like to get their presents early so they don’t have to rush and pick through the leftovers during the last few days of shopping season.

And of course, what are the perfect last minute gifts? Well…

You COULD get your FREE edible gifts book and make your own gifts — I mean, you can make them in the morning of the 25th to bring for lunch if you wanted to! Talk about last minute.

Or you could get virtual gifts. Very popular, especially in these financially challengin times, is a book that presents 20 ways to make money online — all of them legitimate! All of them written by people who do those things themselves, and desribed clearly step-by-step.

I have to admit that you may want to get some additional material if you get serious about some of these, but it will tell you enough to get started and to get a good idea of what’s involved. Great stuff. I’m using several of these techniques to make almost all of my income these days. Imagine — making money in your jammies! And it comes with an “instant paypal cash” affiliate program! Of course that means, that I’m an affiliate too.

Or you could get a stash of gift cards from so you can have them handy to pass out at a moment’s notice. They sell them in boxes of 50 cards:

Or get just a few…

One more instant gift… If you’re time challenged and feel like it’s holding you back in your business, you might really like this amazing time management course (I prefer to call it time mastery course):

Time Mastery for Internet Marketers (and other busy Professionals)

It is very different and much more effective than most traditional time management courses, and it’s a steal too! It even comes with a “day job liberator” module!

Check out more ideas on my Squidoo lens on last minute gift ideas.

Happy Shopping!

P.S.: If your prospective recipient happens to have a Kindle, you can also give them instantly downloadable books:

Get FREE Edible Gifts Recipes
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