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Low-Carb Holiday Favorites Part 1

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

Are you on a low-carb diet?

There’s no need to go without at least some of the goodies that everybody else indulges in…

Here are a few suggestions:

Get some staples:

Your favorite selection of DaVinci’s sugar-free syrups. Holiday favorites are Eggnog, Buttered Rum (or someting like that), and… Well, just check them out online — or better, go to, which has a whole line-up of their syrups at a bargain price!

Next, figure out what you’d like to enhance with those syrups.

I love sugarfree hot chocolate mixes. If you want low-carb, ironically, you should go for the fat-free rather than the sugar-free versions of some of your favorite mixes.

Just be sure to read the labels. I’ve found that the sugar-free has way more calories AND CARBS(!) than the fat-free versions, which, incidenally, are sugar-free to, even though it doesn’t say so on the package.

Weird, isn’t it!

OR, you could add them to coffee and a dash of cream.

OR, there’s the sugarfree French Vanilla fllavor of International Coffees (the Mocha one is good too), and you can just add some syrup for a special treat.

If you can find Calorie Countdown by Hood (low carb milk), you can use that as a base. Just add eggnog syrup and voila! Sugar-free eggnog.

You may have to hunt around to find that Calorie Countdown stuff, but it’s so worth it. I get mine at Walmart or at Ukrops, a local grocery chain (and they only seem to have it at one store (of the three or so I’m familiar with).

Anyway, I’ll share more recipe ideas in future posts.

And for more tips on how to have great holidays, especially if you have a family with kids, why not check out Family Holiday Memories and make this year’s Christmas your best one in many years.

Or give that ebook to your Mom or another special Mom you know. It makes a perfect Thanksgiving gift — since it allows the recipient to put all the great ideas to use during the holiday season!

Meanwhile, I wish you a very happy Holiday Season!

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