Christmas Present Ideas for Your Girlfriend

What to give your girlfriend?  The world has become a global shopping mall.  So the problem isnít what to get for your girlfriend. It has become how do you narrow down the choices.

The problem becomes bigger when you think that anyone from 9 to 90 and beyond can be a girlfriend. But having too many choices is better than the reverse, isn’t it?  Here are a few questions to get you started:

Is your girlfriend a romantic?

For that teen girlfriend, jewelry is an ever popular choice. Pretty popular with older women, too. But go beyond the usual and make it personal. A beautiful diamond teardrop necklace is made that much better if the chain contains her initials on each side of the gem.

Thinking of that locket she admired in the window the other day? A perfect opportunity to inscribe that line of poetry you memorized when you first met.

Maybe your girlfriend is more the outdoor type?

Hiking boots make for a gift that creates the chance to do something together. Contemporary styles offer non-slip Vibram lugs and wick-away moisture inner linings with tough leather shells.

Theyíll last for years and you can add a personal touch by selecting some unique laces in her favorite color. You do know what that is, right? You can buy online today more easily than from a store. No-risk return policies allow you to shop without worrying about getting the wrong size.

Maybe she is the creative type?

A scrapbooking kit is the perfect gift for the woman who likes to preserve her memories. Going beyond a mere blank journal, these provide a means for storing photos, text and small mementos of your time together.

Or, if sheís more the technical-creative type there are a million and one software packages that will allow her to use her imagination to the fullest. Drawing packages, podcast creation software and much more will keep her happy and busy while you watch the football game.

Or, if she likes to write — a beautiful journal (or two) might work very nicely too.

Does she enjoy playing games?

What guy hasnít said that before? But in this case, the subject is computer games. Official stats show that 50% of female computer users between the ages of 16 and 40 play at least one computer game per week. There are hundreds in a dozen forms.

Whether itís xBox or just purely software youíll have too many to choose from. Just think about her personal interests and shop accordingly. If you donít know what those are, better study up now.

Maybe she enjoys real games more than the virtual type. More girls and women than ever play golf. A set of clubs with a great looking bag is always an option. If she prefers tennis, the new composite rackets are lightweight and ultra-strong (just like her).

Maybe she just needs a nice vacation.

Getting away, sometimes even getting away from the boyfriend for a while, is the perfect choice. A weekend at the spa will definitely be appreciated by the woman in your life, whether she is 17 or 75. To be pampered from all angles for a couple of days is every womanís dream. And no fair trying to argue that you do that every day. She knows better.

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