Last Minute Gift Ideas

December 12th, 2009

There’s still time… but some people like to get their presents early so they don’t have to rush and pick through the leftovers during the last few days of shopping season.

And of course, what are the perfect last minute gifts? Well…

You COULD get your FREE edible gifts book and make your own gifts — I mean, you can make them in the morning of the 25th to bring for lunch if you wanted to! Talk about last minute.

Or you could get virtual gifts. Very popular, especially in these financially challengin times, is a book that presents 20 ways to make money online — all of them legitimate! All of them written by people who do those things themselves, and desribed clearly step-by-step.

I have to admit that you may want to get some additional material if you get serious about some of these, but it will tell you enough to get started and to get a good idea of what’s involved. Great stuff. I’m using several of these techniques to make almost all of my income these days. Imagine — making money in your jammies! And it comes with an “instant paypal cash” affiliate program! Of course that means, that I’m an affiliate too.

Or you could get a stash of gift cards from so you can have them handy to pass out at a moment’s notice. They sell them in boxes of 50 cards:

Or get just a few…

One more instant gift… If you’re time challenged and feel like it’s holding you back in your business, you might really like this amazing time management course (I prefer to call it time mastery course):

Time Mastery for Internet Marketers (and other busy Professionals)

It is very different and much more effective than most traditional time management courses, and it’s a steal too! It even comes with a “day job liberator” module!

Check out more ideas on my Squidoo lens on last minute gift ideas.

Happy Shopping!

P.S.: If your prospective recipient happens to have a Kindle, you can also give them instantly downloadable books:

Holiday Stress Management Tips — FREE

December 6th, 2009

Are you still stressed with getting ready for the holidays — or anything else?

I just created a special holiday edition of my Free Stress Tips Report — keeping all the good stuff but adding MORE to help you make it through the Season and have a good time too.

You can get it here:

Holiday Stress Tips Report

I hope you’ll enjoy my tips.

And to help you with last minute shopping, I’ve also just set up a new Squidoo lens with last minute gift ideas (not just the ones on this blog. You can find it here:

Last Minute Gift Ideas

And while you’re there, why not check my Squid edition of my Christmas Gift Ideas…

Christmas Present Ideas

Meanwhile, I hope you’re having a great holiday season.

Santa (aka Elisabeth)

Reduce Christmas Stress! Find New Easy Holiday Traditions!

November 30th, 2009

Are you “ready” for the Holidays? Or are you getting burned out on Holiday preparations already?

If you’re like a lot of us, all the extra tasks we are expected to keep up — all the while “enjoying” the Christmas spirit can be wayyyy too much.

But it doesn’t have to be…

I just had an article published at where I make a few suggestions for reducing holiday stress.

And here are the promised links (promised in the resource box of the article):

1) Free Stress Tips Report.

2) Family Holiday Traditions

And if you want my FREE edible gifts ebook, just fill in the form at the top right of this page and you’ll get it by email! In fact, it comes with a special offer for the Family Holiday Traditions ebook, so you may want to start there…

And my stress relief ebook can help you stay calm as well… And it too comes with a total bargain of an offer for my full-sized ebook with LOTS more stress relief strategies, some of them VERY powerful.


About the Stollen… The best of them are made with butter, rum, and marzipan (and raisins etc.), and they’re a German Christmas specialty — that is traditionally store bought! Yay!

It’s been my favorite holiday potluck dinner bring-along for years — and always well-received.

If you want to be totally decadent, you can even add a little buttter, but well, that’s up to you 😉 Just make sure it’s some of that really classy Euro-style butter — and unsalted — for best effects. But that’s probably too rich for most people — and really not necessary.

Anyway, Happy Holidays, and please check back soon for more Christmas Present Ideas (and, obvously, those stollen make great Christmas presents too!) and will help reduce the overall stress because they save you time and energy, and are guaranteed to please.

Really Cheap Christmas Present Ideas

November 29th, 2009

Okay, so you want to give Christmas presents to all your loved ones but you don’t have any money (or hardly any money).

How about some REALLY cheap Christmas present ideas?

First of all, you can make some presents yourself. If you sign up for the updates, you will get a FREE ebook that will give you TONS of recipes for edible gifts that you can put in a jar and give to your loved ones. Some of them cost pennies!

How to get it? Just wait for the sign-up for m to appear and sign up. And you’ll get the link in your email inbox. Plus more christmas gift tips as well.

My next idea is a bit tacky — and it won’t work for family members, but it can work GREAT for gift exchanges or relatives who don’t live with you:

Go shopping on our book shelves. I mean it. Check out all the things you bought over the last year, from books to DVDs or CDs and other such stuff that looks good as new. Wrap it nicely, and voila! A gift that didn’t cost you a penny (more than you already paid).

Even better…

Get together with some friends and exchange those gifts so you’ll be able to broaden your selection — and give such gifts to members of your family too. After all, they haven’t seen THOSE on your shelves all year.


If you want to generate some quick holiday cash, you can sell some of that stuff on Ebay or Marketplace.

Here’s a FREE ebook that tells you a bit about how to do that:

Ebay vs. Marketplace

OR if you’re ready to shop — get that FREE ebook above and check out the special offer that appears on the Thank You page.

If you prefer to pay more, you can of course get it here directly:

How to Sell Your Stuff on Marketplace

So whether you end up giving jars with edible gifts or books from your book shelves — or gifts bought with money made for books from your book shelves — these are my REALLY cheap Christmas Present Ideas. Hope you find something useful here 😉

Happy Ho Ho Holidays!

Your Thrifty Santa

P.S.: BTW, you CAN also give away that FREE ebook on vs. Ebay (see above). Now there’s a REALLY Cheap Christmas Gift!

Give the Gift of More Money

November 25th, 2009

You’ve heard the old saying…

Give a man (or woman) a fish, and (s)he’ll eat for a day.
Teach a man (or woman) to fish, and (s)he’ll eat for the rest of his/her life.

Or something like that.

So when it comes to Christmas presents…

Money has always been a popular gift — it saves the giver the trouble of having to go out and BUY a Christmas present. And, well, the lucky recipients can spend it on anything they like.

Yet it’s also a bit of a cop-out.

And, well, for most of us, that money doesn’t usually go very far.

So here’s a better idea: Why not teach them to fish — or rather, give them the tools to make some of that money themselves — usually WAY more than you would have given them!

Here are a few ideas:

1) For 20 ways to make up to $100 a day:

2) Help them turn their trash into treasure:

Or get the FREE special report on Ebay vs. to find out where to sell what for more profits.

3) Help your loved one create a blog that makes them money either directly or by promoting their online or offline business:

4) Give them the gift of more time for making more money:

Time Mastery for Internet Marketers

BTW, this one comes with a special bonus module called “Day Job Liberator”!

Want a freebie? Here’s an e-course that teaches some of the basics of article marketing and affiliate marketing:

1) Internet Marketing Step by Step

Christmas Portrait Ideas

November 24th, 2009

Tired of those boring old Christmas portraits? How about some bright new Christmas Portrait Ideas?

You know how you cringe when you look at them, those old stuffy family portraits. Why are you doing that to yourself year after year?

Of course, one solution would be to skip that tradition. But that would be kind of sad, wouldn’t it?

Instead, why not try something new and different? Why not actually have portraits taken that will make you smile — in a good way!

Imagine portraits you’ll be proud to show off years later even, and that you may even hang in your choicest spots at home — because just looking at them makes you feel happy!

It’s not hard either. I’ve found this very cool little ebook that shows you just how to get Christmas photos you’ll LOVE!

It’s not big, but it’s chock full of Christmas Portrait Ideas and photos that will show you what to do (and what not to do).

Of course, you probably have plenty of the “what not to do” examples sitting around at home, but still…

Anyway, here it is. All it takes is the price of one fast food meal or one cheapo passport photo at an automated machine and you’ll get your hands on some of the coolest ideas going.

Why not surprise your loved ones with something different this year?

Happy Holidays 😉


Low-Carb Holiday Favorites Part 1

November 24th, 2009

Are you on a low-carb diet?

There’s no need to go without at least some of the goodies that everybody else indulges in…

Here are a few suggestions:

Get some staples:

Your favorite selection of DaVinci’s sugar-free syrups. Holiday favorites are Eggnog, Buttered Rum (or someting like that), and… Well, just check them out online — or better, go to, which has a whole line-up of their syrups at a bargain price!

Next, figure out what you’d like to enhance with those syrups.

I love sugarfree hot chocolate mixes. If you want low-carb, ironically, you should go for the fat-free rather than the sugar-free versions of some of your favorite mixes.

Just be sure to read the labels. I’ve found that the sugar-free has way more calories AND CARBS(!) than the fat-free versions, which, incidenally, are sugar-free to, even though it doesn’t say so on the package.

Weird, isn’t it!

OR, you could add them to coffee and a dash of cream.

OR, there’s the sugarfree French Vanilla fllavor of International Coffees (the Mocha one is good too), and you can just add some syrup for a special treat.

If you can find Calorie Countdown by Hood (low carb milk), you can use that as a base. Just add eggnog syrup and voila! Sugar-free eggnog.

You may have to hunt around to find that Calorie Countdown stuff, but it’s so worth it. I get mine at Walmart or at Ukrops, a local grocery chain (and they only seem to have it at one store (of the three or so I’m familiar with).

Anyway, I’ll share more recipe ideas in future posts.

And for more tips on how to have great holidays, especially if you have a family with kids, why not check out Family Holiday Memories and make this year’s Christmas your best one in many years.

Or give that ebook to your Mom or another special Mom you know. It makes a perfect Thanksgiving gift — since it allows the recipient to put all the great ideas to use during the holiday season!

Meanwhile, I wish you a very happy Holiday Season!

Family Holiday Memories — How To Get The Magic Back!

November 22nd, 2009

Do you remember the holidays from years past — with a big sigh, yearning for the good times that seem lost forever?

Well… you CAN get them back!  Click on the ebook below:

It’s filled with GREAT ideas on how to get that magic back.  Plus there are cool bonuses that only enhance the effect!

But I don’t want to repeat myself. Just click here!

Christmas Gift Ideas for Mom

November 22nd, 2009

Wondering what to get your Mom for Christmas? Preferably something that isn’t the same old same old?

She probably doesn’t want another bottle of perfume… though you probably know her better than I do 😉

But try to be a bit more creative… Think about it. Here she is, running around day after day, taking care of everyone else.

How about giving her the gift of having someone take care of HER for a change?

Why not give her a gift she’ll really thank you for: a weekend at the spa. She’ll get pampered from every angle. Whether it’s a great massage or an hours-long soak in a tub, or just a mud-mask facial, she’ll come home rejuvenated.

Keep the pleasure going on a daily or weekly basis by buying her an electronic foot massager. These devices look like a weighing scale. But far from bringing on the guilt, they melt away the tension. Ten minutes with one of these and she’ll be ready to say yes to whatever you didn’t dare ask her earlier.

Or give her something she can have fun with… A day on the golf course with her new clubs will keep her in trim shape, and competitive with dad. Contemporary designs feature composites that would have been top secret in Jack Nicklausí heyday. They can provide the kind of flex that makes a 200-yard shot nearly as easy as that 20-foot putt.

Jewelry is always a great favorite. But go the extra step and personalize it. Even if it’s diamond earrings or the perfect pearl necklace, the gift can still bear a unique stamp. Her initials on either side of the necklace chain can do the trick. Or the earrings can be a design that is duplicated nowhere else.

Women love chocolate. If men donít know that by now, they’ve been spending too much time in the cave and not enough online reading gift suggestions.

But don’t settle for that boring box of random goo. Go for something a bit more special and classy. Try a special thin Lindt Swiss slab. Or, go all out for something made just for her inscribed with a line of poetry that you memorized when you met.

Flowers are wonderful, but they donít last. Instead, think about a beautiful bonsai that will flower repeatedly year after year. Incorporate a tiny self-watering system. It adds little to the cost and make maintenance a matter of seconds per month rather than a daily chore.

Does that special woman in your life love wine? Take it a step beyond the special vintage you had in mind. Get a subscription to a Wine of the Month club and youíll get an ever changing selection from around the world. One month it may be a super Sake from Japan, the next a great Gew¸rztraminer from Germany. The month after that an awesome Australian Syrah will arrive in the mail.

What mom couldn’t use more shoes? But buying shoes for women is a very tricky business whether the shopper is dad, son or daughter. If you havenít heard her mention that unique pair down at the mall, better go virtual. Online shoe shopping can now fit her foot better than a careless salesperson. Templates allow her to tailor the fit to her individual foot and the selection is unbounded.

No matter what that special woman in your life is looking for you can find it with a little diligence. Remember, what they want most is to know that you cared enough to search for just the right thing. Now, if you could only figure out what that is…

And then… remember, EVERYONE expects a gift for Christmas. So why not surprise her with an early gift — something she’ll really enjoy.

Why not get her a copy of Family Holiday Memories? She’ll love the ideas for how to reclaim that magic of bygone days by bringing her family together for the kind of Christmas traditions she probably fondly remembers from her own childhood.

Just click here for making this Mom’s best Christmas season in a long time!

Christmas Present Ideas for Your Boyfriend

November 22nd, 2009

Admit it already. You have no idea what to get your boyfriend for Christmas. It isn’t that you don’t know him well enough. It isn’t that you don’t have time to shop. There are just too many choices now that the world has become one giant shopping mall. Here are a few suggestions for narrowing the fieldÖ

Is your boyfriend the outdoor type?

Sure you could go with hiking boots. Always a safe bet and no hiker could have too many. But every guy loves gadgets, right? How about a solar powered backpack? No, it doesnít fly you up the mountain. But it does have a series of small panels on the pack that will recharge all his electronics on the way up.

Maybe heís the intellectual sort?

Ok, some wonít admit it. But many men do like to think. Sure, thereís evidence to the contrary in any case. But itís Christmas, so how about a little generosity of spirit, here. A fine bestseller or the latest non-fiction book on politics or current events could be just the thing. But it only takes a couple of weeks at most to read a book. A subscription to that obscure journal heís been denying himself will put you in good for a year.

Does he enjoy sports?

A set of clubs is fine for golfers. A new bag is always appreciated. A super lightweight tennis racket can never fail as a gift. But introducing him to a new sport may be the best idea of all. Skydiving is something most athletes want to try but never seem to get around to. Buy him a day at the jump site and heíll get all the adrenaline rush any man could want.

Then again, car racing is also considered a sport. A day at the track driving a machine that goes 240 mph is another way to get those juices flowing. And, unlike skydiving, itís dangerous to boot. What more could any guy want?

Is he a homebody?

Hey, no shame in that. Many men work hard to keep the house in great shape. There is no limit to the gifts available to help make that task easier and more efficient. So, heíll have more time for you. It might be a polesaw for trimming those upper branches so he doesnít have to climb up. Or, it could be a set of flower seeds from around the world to bring color to the entire garden. In this area, there are always a 101 things he wants but doesnít yet have.

Does your guy enjoy traveling?

A cruise is always the perfect choice. Everything from a 1 day excursion to a month or more is an option. He can travel up the coast to Alaska or roast in the sunny Caribbean. It could be a giant five-deck cruise ship or a large sailing vessel that holds only 20 passengers. Of course, if he suggests going without you, you might want to think twice about getting him a Christmas gift at all.

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