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Christmas Present Ideas for Your Boyfriend

Sunday, November 22nd, 2009

Admit it already. You have no idea what to get your boyfriend for Christmas. It isn’t that you don’t know him well enough. It isn’t that you don’t have time to shop. There are just too many choices now that the world has become one giant shopping mall. Here are a few suggestions for narrowing the fieldÖ

Is your boyfriend the outdoor type?

Sure you could go with hiking boots. Always a safe bet and no hiker could have too many. But every guy loves gadgets, right? How about a solar powered backpack? No, it doesnít fly you up the mountain. But it does have a series of small panels on the pack that will recharge all his electronics on the way up.

Maybe heís the intellectual sort?

Ok, some wonít admit it. But many men do like to think. Sure, thereís evidence to the contrary in any case. But itís Christmas, so how about a little generosity of spirit, here. A fine bestseller or the latest non-fiction book on politics or current events could be just the thing. But it only takes a couple of weeks at most to read a book. A subscription to that obscure journal heís been denying himself will put you in good for a year.

Does he enjoy sports?

A set of clubs is fine for golfers. A new bag is always appreciated. A super lightweight tennis racket can never fail as a gift. But introducing him to a new sport may be the best idea of all. Skydiving is something most athletes want to try but never seem to get around to. Buy him a day at the jump site and heíll get all the adrenaline rush any man could want.

Then again, car racing is also considered a sport. A day at the track driving a machine that goes 240 mph is another way to get those juices flowing. And, unlike skydiving, itís dangerous to boot. What more could any guy want?

Is he a homebody?

Hey, no shame in that. Many men work hard to keep the house in great shape. There is no limit to the gifts available to help make that task easier and more efficient. So, heíll have more time for you. It might be a polesaw for trimming those upper branches so he doesnít have to climb up. Or, it could be a set of flower seeds from around the world to bring color to the entire garden. In this area, there are always a 101 things he wants but doesnít yet have.

Does your guy enjoy traveling?

A cruise is always the perfect choice. Everything from a 1 day excursion to a month or more is an option. He can travel up the coast to Alaska or roast in the sunny Caribbean. It could be a giant five-deck cruise ship or a large sailing vessel that holds only 20 passengers. Of course, if he suggests going without you, you might want to think twice about getting him a Christmas gift at all.

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