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Christmas Present Ideas for 2012

Thursday, November 18th, 2010

The Christmas 2012 Season will soon be upon us, and it’s time to start shopping for Christmas presents… especially if you like to get an early start.

Halloween is not too far off, and then it’s Thanksgiving, with Black Friday right on its heels, and bargains galore.

And of course, the internet is always open.

I’m just gearing up for this Holiday season, and I’ve got a little surprise for you too…

How YOU can make more money this holiday season than you’re spending!

Here’s where you can check it out:

christmas internet marketing

Christmas Cash

BTW, it could also be the perfect money-making gift for someone close to you 😉

It offers a step-by-step plan and tons of ideas, so even if you have NO online marketing experience, you’ll be able to do some of those things without getting a headache.

And if you do have some experience, you’ll find a few things you didn’t know yet, plus it’ll help you get organized and really bring in some extra money.

Let me know what you think….

More later


Give the Gift of More Money

Wednesday, November 25th, 2009

You’ve heard the old saying…

Give a man (or woman) a fish, and (s)he’ll eat for a day.
Teach a man (or woman) to fish, and (s)he’ll eat for the rest of his/her life.

Or something like that.

So when it comes to Christmas presents…

Money has always been a popular gift — it saves the giver the trouble of having to go out and BUY a Christmas present. And, well, the lucky recipients can spend it on anything they like.

Yet it’s also a bit of a cop-out.

And, well, for most of us, that money doesn’t usually go very far.

So here’s a better idea: Why not teach them to fish — or rather, give them the tools to make some of that money themselves — usually WAY more than you would have given them!

Here are a few ideas:

1) For 20 ways to make up to $100 a day:

2) Help them turn their trash into treasure:

Or get the FREE special report on Ebay vs. to find out where to sell what for more profits.

3) Help your loved one create a blog that makes them money either directly or by promoting their online or offline business:

4) Give them the gift of more time for making more money:

Time Mastery for Internet Marketers

BTW, this one comes with a special bonus module called “Day Job Liberator”!

Want a freebie? Here’s an e-course that teaches some of the basics of article marketing and affiliate marketing:

1) Internet Marketing Step by Step

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